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Kunming is nicknamed the city of eternal spring. Although the population today is very large, with about 6 million inhabitants, the city enjoys a very good image throughout China, because of its temperate climate and its air supposed to be always pure, attracting many townspeople on the east coast of China.Located in the center of Yunnan at an altitude of 1800m, it is the capital of the province and often the first access point since any trip to China to Yunnan and Southwest China. Despite its rapid development, the air we breathe in Kunming remains relatively clean, it is an excellent introduction to any trip to Yunnan, for a first approach to urban China. You can stay there and stroll a few hours or a few days on some of its major sites at the beginning of the tour.

What to see in Kunming?

Do not miss the Stone Forest, which despite the crowds it attracts every day, remains the number one site in the Kunming region. For the rest of your time in Kunming, why not visit the Golden Temple or the Bamboo Temple, see the Western Mountains, a beautiful set of Taoist temples and oratories offering great views of Lake Dian Chi and the Kunming city. The city is also home to interesting museums, including the Kunming City Museum and the Yunnan Provincial Museum. You can also learn more about Yunnan minorities in the minority village in the south of Yunnan. For any stay in Kunming, we advise you to attend the beautiful show Dynamic Yunnan. This is certainly a tourist show, but of a very high artistic quality, created by Yunnan artist Yang Liping.

Other visits from Kunming

Kunming is also a gateway to sites a little further out of the city, including the famous red lands of Lexiaguo in the Dongchuan region, which is now attracting more and more photographers. Another interesting area for photographers since Kunming, that of Luoping, known for its fields of rapeseed flowers every year during February and March. On site, guests can enjoy the large waterfalls of Jiulong. Yunnan’s unsung but amazing site, the Yuanmou Land Forest, home to desert landscapes that contrast with the rest of the province.

Kunming Hotels Choice

Kunming is home to a wide variety of hostels and hotels, we recommend the emerald lake district, very nice for your arrival in Kunming, where you can stroll quietly around the lake, to the Yuantong temple, then to the city center around flower market area and birds. In the economy options, we recommend Lost Garden Inns and the Home Inn Plus, otherwise a very good value for the Grand Park 5 * hotel, if not for a bit more charm, the beautiful Silver Chest Boutique Hotel.

When to travel to Kunming?

It is possible to visit the city of Kunming all year, knowing that the weather is the most lenient in spring and autumn. Summer will be warmer, with higher rain risks than the rest of the year, and the winter will be colder, but should not bother you for the discovery of the city. You can find more detailed information on the weather in Kunming on the page: Weather Kunming

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