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Presentation of the Yunnan Province Museum

The Yunnan Provincial Museum was located in the center of Kunming City. Since 2015, it is located on Guangfu Lu Street in Guandu District, outside the city.On the first floor of the museum are numerous bronze objects from excavations in the region. Notable examples include a bronze sarcophagus and a bronze bull attacked by a tiger, discovered in 1972 in a tomb of the fourth century BC, the bull was then worshiped and is now the symbol of the city of Kunming. On the second floor, numerous religious relics as well as numerous artefacts in jade, gold and ivory complete the museum windows.The modern style of the museum may surprise, but the quality of the objects presented is undeniable. The tour lasts about an hour and can be combined in one day with the discovery of other places around Kunming such as the Stone Forest, the Golden Temple, the Bamboo Temple or the Western Mountains.

Museum entrance fee

Price of 10 yuan / RMB per person. Attention: museum closed on sunday

Access to the museum

It is located at 6393, Guangfu Lu, Guandu Disctrict, outside the center of Kunming. Take a taxi to get there, it will be the easiest!

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