Weather and climate in Yunnan: where to go in Yunnan?

Météo et climat au Yunnan

When to travel to Yunnan?

Yunnan is a province that can be visited all year round. If spring and autumn are the seasons with the best weather compromise between the summer rains and the cold of winter, the summer months are pleasant because the rains are as abundant as the monsoons of Asia. South East at the same time. Conversely, the winter days are very pleasant in Yunnan, with usually a big sun and no rain, just be sure to book well-heated hotels for the evening, and not be too chilly! If you have a choice, spring and autumn are the priority for your trip to Yunnan, however avoiding early May and October, national holiday periods in China, with many Chinese travelers to Yunnan at this time, and rates hotels and transport higher than the rest of the year.

Yunnan Destination Weather Information

Below you will find more accurate weather information for each main destination in Yunnan, from Jinghong in South Yunnan to Shangri La in Northern Province.

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