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How it works?

Local travel agency based in Kunming

Traveling to Yunnan, reputed to be the most beautiful province of China, remains a special experience. Located in the far southwest of China, the proximity to Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Tibet gives Yunnan an identity of its own, made of both exoticism and authenticity.

Yunnan is made up of several worlds: the tropical region of Xishuangbanna, rich in minority villages, tea culture, colorful markets; the mountainous region in South Yunnan whose masterpiece is the rice terraces around Yuanyang; the plains of central Jianshui and Kunming, including the beautiful village of Tuanshan, the site of the stone forest, the amazing red lands of Dongchuan; the Bai world of Dali and Shaxi, the Naxi world of Lijiang, and finally the wonderful Tibetan country of Shangri La, passing through the Tiger Leaping Gorge, among the deepest in the world.

These cultural and geographical differences that make Yunnan a must-see tourist destination for any trip to China, also give travelers a multiple experience in minimum time and travel.

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Yunnan Roads, local travel agency in Kunming and France

Welcoming you in Kunming, Yunnan

Local travel agency specializing in Yunnan since 2006, we are a team of French and Chinese, based in Kunming and the rest of Yunnan, experts of tailor-made trips in Yunnan, responsive and having the real desire to make you discover Yunnan, the most beautiful province of China, in the best possible way

We have a team of quality guides, experienced and passionate about Yunnan. The trips we offer in Yunnan are actually custom-made after studying the desires and needs of each traveler. We always strive to find the best value for money based on our existing knowledge and network in Yunnan.

A travel agency in France

Since 2013, we have a travel agency in Dinan/France, allowing us to offer you a trip to Yunnan at a local price and without intermediary, but with all the guarantees offered by a French travel agency, including a payment by credit card at no additional cost, avoiding you to pay insurance costs up to 5% of the price of your trip.

Destinations, sites and places of interest in Yunnan

Find below a non exhaustive list of all the destinations of Yunnan where we organize circuits. We give you information on the different tours and activities possible, to include in your next trip.

When to go to Yunnan?

Best seasons: spring and autumn

Spring and autumn are the best seasons to travel to Yunnan, especially the months of April, May, October and November.

However avoid the very beginning of May and October because there are national holidays in China (golden weeks), with many Chinese tourists traveling to the most beautiful destinations. Spring and autumn offer the best compromise between mild temperatures (between 20 and 25°C during the day, no less than 10°C in the evening), and the limited risk of rainfall.

Yunnan in summer and winter

The Chinese tourists are coming more and more to Yunnan during the summer, to escape the heat of the east coast, the altitude of Yunnan providing better temperatures then, however there is a higher risk of rains during the summer. There are many hiking opportunities in Yunnan, however we do not recommend long treks in summer due to the risk of slippery trails.

Winter can be a good season for a tour in Yunnan, as it is guaranteed to have a blue sky and sunny most of the day, and the risk of rain is almost zero. It is still colder then, especially in Shangri La, so it is advisable to choose good hotels, well heated.