Minorities of Yunnan


China is home to more than 90% of Han people, but near borders, especially in South West China, also live many ethnic minorities, who have language, culture, traditions and sometimes religion of their own.

China has a total of 55 minorities, 25 of which are in Yunnan Province alone. These people are different and are an immense wealth for Yunnan. As such, they still enjoy benefits granted in the Chinese government.

Below we will zoom in on 4 minorities very present in Yunnan:

The Bai of Dali

Present in the Dali region, they have a strong culture, and have influenced other areas of Yunnan because they were great travelers and traders, especially on the ancient road caravans of tea and horses.

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The Naxi of Lijiang

Majority in the Lijiang region, the Naxi are descendants of Tibetan nomads. They have their own Dongba religion, but also write with the last hieroglyphic script still used in the world, consisting of 1400 signs.

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The Yi of Yunnan

The Yi, who live mainly in mountainous areas, are present throughout Yunnan. They speak 6 dialects, have their own writing. Their society remained feudal until the 20th century, and some still practice shamanism.

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The Hani of South Yunnan

Présent surtout dans le Sud du Yunnan, notamment dans la région de Yuanyang et du Xishuangbanna, ils sont divisé en de très nombreux sous-groupes.

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