Flower and Bird Market

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Discover the Kunming Flower and Bird Market

Located on the old street of downtown Kunming like Yongdao Street, the flower and bird market has been in existence since 1980. Originally, it was the site of selling flowers, birds, domestic animals, insects and goldfish.As business flourished, it began to attract more and more visitors, and gradually developed into an enchanting commercial and tourist center with a real local flavor.You walk in this market will make you feel the culture of Kunming and even Yunnan. Here we see the real daily life of the local population.A lady dressed in a beautiful long bandhnu dress selects a pot of the most beautiful flower; an “expert” distinguishes the goods and negotiates with the seller. Each scene is the incarnation of the usual life of the people of Kunming.

What to see and do at the flower and bird market

Flowers, birds, fish and wood carvingsYongdao Street is about 200 meters long and 15 meters wide.A multitude of shops and stores (over 350) stand along this long and narrow street displaying a wide variety of flowers, various types of rare plants and different seeds and fertilizers.The main flowers that can be found are: orchids, camellias, roses, daffodils, azaleas and begonias.For birds, we find: the parakeet, the parrot, the red-billed leiothrix and the crested myna.Apart from these, there are also various types of bird feed, bird cages, fish (tropical fish, goldfish and red carp), fish tanks and fishing equipment … Bonsai and wood carvings are also available on the market.

Kunming local food

In addition to enjoying the scene of the Kunming Bird and Flower Market, you can sit in a restaurant to taste the delicious local cuisine of Kunming, such as Yunnan rice noodles, the barbecue at Old Kunming, the delicious Yunnan dishes, etc.

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