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- Review updated on 22 avril 2024

Founded in 1950, The Kunming Zoo has been titled one of the 10 best zoos among China. The animals in the zoo are all taken care under good conditions. There, you will be able to meet tigers, lions, bear, giraffes, monkeys, elephants and other ginger pandas. Moreover, a large section is reserved to the birds.The visit will charm the children as well as the adults with species of animals that you don’t usually meet in other overseas’ zoos. However it is deplored about the missing of the giant panda which is not any more living in the zoo.The visit can be done within one hour and a half and you can extend the visit of Yuantong Buddhist temple which is just few meters next to the Kunming Zoo. Also, if time is permited, it is advised to devote your afternoon to visit the Western Hills or the Stone Forest in Kunming.Entrance fee of THE KUNMING ZOO: 10 RMB per personAccess: The Kunming Zoo is located next to the Yuantong temple. It costs 15 RMB by taking a taxi from downtown of Kunming.

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