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Stone Forest

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Stone Forest is one of the natural wonders of Yunnan. It consists of karstic gray limestone rocks. These rock formations are characterized by a concentration of rocks with little height of fantastic forms which the Chinese associate as many kinds of superstitions and legends.The park of the stone drill counts 80 hectares within a geological area of 26000 hectares including hotels, restaurants and stores. The park also shelters a village of the Sani minority (Tibet-Burmese).The Stone Forest visit consists of a paved track which finished at the top of a pavilion where you can catch a panoramic sight of the forest. The stroll is punctuated by the visit of rock pitons with evocative forms and poetic names like: “Woman awaiting her husband” or “Camels overlapping the Elephant” which attributed all kinds of interesting stories and superstitions.The map of the Stone Forest is printed at the back of the entrance ticket. You can adventure and discover some quiet and uncrowded area by yourself within 3 to 4 hours. Nevertheless, you can be guided by the Sani girls to figure out all those storys behind the rocks.

Entrance fee of STONE FOREST: 130 RMB per person

Access: The most practical and fastest way is to hire a private car with a driver. The time to get there is approximately one and a half hour.Remark: Opening hour of Stone Forest: daily 08:30 to 18:00. Avoid travel agencies selling cheap one-day packages around the city in Kunming. Some of them are tricky and they sell the shopping tours that you have to spend your money / time before arriving at the sight.

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