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Yuantong Temple

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- Review updated on 23 mai 2024

The Yuantong Temple (圆通寺) or ‘Temple of the comprehension of all things’ is one of the oldest Buddhist temples of Kunming. Founded under the Tang dynasty (618-907) and rebuilt under the Yuan (1276-1368), Yuantong Temple is built based on the traditional model of the Chinese Buddhist temples.Along the path to the entrance you can see a monumental gate made in 1666, on which are painted the 4 characters ‘holy place of the comprehension of all things’. By going down to the entrance of the temple you can admire a golden statue of the smiling Buddha surrounded by four heavenly kings who are the guardians of the world and also the Buddhist law.In the courtyard, right in the center of the basin you can see there is a pavilion which shelters a golden statue of Guanyin with thousand arms, goddess of the fecundity and protector of the daily lives. The main room contains remarkable statues of Buddha with its beams and rolled up pillars with dragons.At the back of the temple, don’t miss a bronze Thai style pavilion kept by two chimeras with a Siddharta Buddha inside that offered from Thailand. You can take your time to contemplate many other Buddhist statues and to benefit from the Zen atmosphere surrounding the Yuantong Temple in one and a half hour.If you are interesting about Buddhist temples, you can also have a look of the Golden Temple or the Bamboo Temple. Otherwise, visiting the impressive Stone Forest or admire the landscapes of the Western Hills is also a good choice.Entrance fee of YUANTONG TEMPLE: 6 RMB per personAccess: The Yuantong Temple is located close to the Kunming Zoo and Green Lake. It costs 10-20 RMB by taking a taxi from downtown Kunming.

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