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The Green Lake Park

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The Green Lake Park which is founded in the 7th century under the Qing dynasty, is located in the heart of Kunming. In the early morning The Green Lake Park is animated with the practices of Tai-Chi, Qigong, dances and sword-play, Mahjong and cards, and also other players of erhu fiddle, a Chinese violin with two chords.In winter, the sea gulls from Siberia come on the river banks, natural curiosity unique in the world. In summer, its green water covers with lotus. Every Sunday, the park is the most animated period where the locals come to relax with their children. You will be able to walk in the park at the beginning of morning to benefit its alleviating atmosphere or why not having a drink in a tea-house there after a day of visit?Entrance fee of THE GREEN LAKE PARK: FreeAccess: Public bus No.1 from city center, or taxi for 10-20 RMB.

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