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Wumu 吾木

Some photos of the village of Wumu

Presentation of the village of Wumu

Wumu is an old traditional village of Naxi minority, admirably nestled on a mountainside overlooking the Yangtze River and its valley.The village appears at the end of a narrow, recently paved road that winds to offer the traveler striking views at every turn.We do not go to Wumu by chance. We come here specially, for a specific purpose: we put ourselves away from everything, we contemplate, we hike, we admire in the evening an exceptionally clear and starry sky. We stay there if possible at least 2 nights to enjoy the natural surroundings and walks offered from the Huahuasei Lodge located in the heart of the village.We recommend trekking in 4 hours from Huahuasei Lodge to Baoshan Village, the “Stone Village”. Trust your local guide, go on the trails and go down the mountain to get to the banks of the Yangtze where a boat will be waiting for about forty minutes of navigation. Then it will be time to go back to the village of Baoshan to enjoy a delicious lunch (sports climbing but take your time and admire the scenery!). Back to the lodge by car (partially asphalted road), count 1h15 ride.Wumu is accessible from Lijiang in a 3-hour drive, passing through the majestic Yulong Snow Mountain National Park located at the foot of the Jade Dragon Mountain Range with its snow-capped peaks (allow 100 RMB per person to cross the park).It is also possible to reach Wumu from the Tiger Leaping Gorge after crossing the Yangtze River by ferry: a picturesque experience guaranteed, before crossing small country roads that cross passes at 3200 meters. Count 4 hours drive.

360 Pictures on the roads to Wumu and the paths to Baoshan

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Location of the village of Wumu

Huahuasei Lodge

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