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Old town of ShuheLocated just 5 kilometres from Lijiang Old Town, Shuhe is another place protected as “The World Cultural Heritage site” in the Lijiang.Shuhe is also one of the first settlements for the ancestors of Naxi Minority. It’s a very important town in the Tea-horse Ancient Road that leads to Tibet. The leather products they make were the best seller in Tea-horse Ancient Road.Shuhe was built along the mountainside and faces the river. There are two rivers on each side of it that go through the whole village. Channels pass by each house; with the stony roads it just like a dense web and link the town in a tight honeycombed structure. People use stones in the nearby mountains to make the walls of their houses. Compared to those in the Lijiang Old Town, the houses here are even more natural.Right in the middle of Shuhe, there is a square market selling some souvenirs. It is recommended having a soft hiking before the dark comes. Follow the stone-made paths, discover the local characteristic houses accompany with the sound from the streams. The streams are clean and transparent; the Naxi minority holds the streams as holy. After hiking up around 10 minutes, you arrive to a small temple on top of the hill. Right there you can overlook the whole view of both Shuhe and the Lijiang Old Town.Walking in Shuhe, you will have the feeling that this town is the extension and supplementary model of the Lijiang Old Town.Without the big waterwheel and away from the busy, touristic Lijiang Old Town, Shuhe probably is another peaceful place for you to feel the ancient aspect of Yunnan. With an extra 40 minutes easy trekking, it is possible to access to another distinctive village – Baisha.Since July 2017 is introduced a ticket to the old city, like what is already done in Lijiang. The rate is 40RMB per person against 80RMB in Lijiang, with a check at different entrances from Shuhe, from 7:30 to 17:30.

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