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Photos in Yuhu Village

YuhuLocated about 15 kilometers North of Lijiang Old Town, the Yuhu village, belonging to the Naxi minority, is the last village of the valley; and is situated at the foot of the Jade Dragon Mountain in Lijiang. The houses, built with unique rocks called “monkey head”, sort of mix of the rocks and dried earth, makes the village looks the same as it was in the beginning of the 20th century when Joseph Rock chose this place as his residence place.Doctor RockThe famous botanist Dr. Rock came here to study the plants of the Jade Dragon Mountain and he fell in love with the region, its people and its culture, and decided to live there. He lived in Yuhu village for 27 years. From 1922, he started a huge research work on the local Naxi minority; he took many photos and wrote many papers for the magazine “National Geography”.It is possible to visit his house: 25RMB per person.AccommodationFor any visit to Yuhu, we recommend you at least visit our friends from a local Naxi family, and why not take the opportunity to stay overnight at the Nguluku Guest House.Hiking from YuhuFrom Yuhu, it exists several horse back hikes climbing the Jade Dragon Mountains (Price is around 21-40 USD according to the length and path). You can also walk around by feet until the small lake of Yuhu; from there you’ll see very pretty view of Jade Dragon Mountains.Another path climbs through the Mountains till the remote village of Wenhai, where you can stay overnight. The hike lasts 4-5 hours, a local guide is necessary to carry out this hike.AccessTo get to Yuhu, you can take a bike from Baisha, it takes about 2h30 and a good climb. Also possible, bus 6 from Shuhe to the terminus and then 30-40 minutes walk with the Jade Dragon Mountain view (or rent a horse to the village, about 200 RMB per person). Or finally taxi or minivan from Shuhe (rates to be negotiated according to the number of passengers).

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