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Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake situated between Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces. It surfaces 51.8 square kilometers and located on the altitude of 2680 Meters, is one of the most famous and rare unpolluted highland lakes in China. The water is so clear that you can even see the bottom of the lake 12 meters from the surface.Lugu Lake surrounded with dense forest. With the fresh air and peaceful quiet atmosphere, it is said to be one of the less destroyed natural preserved districts among China. Inside this crystal-clear lake, you can see easily there are some fishes swimming around in particular the unique species of “Lugu belly-splitting fish”.Besides the unique speciality of the fish, Lugu Lake also lived in some rarely seen minority, the Mosuo, a branch of the Naxi Minority with a population of about 15,000. People named here as the “Kingdom of Oriental Women”.The Mosuo people still remain some remnants of the matriarchal society nowadays. Men and Women are not bound by marriage, each living at one’s mother’s home. Men work at home during the day and spend their night with the women they love in their homes. This unique matrimony gives more freedom to men and women in their relationships in particular they can choose to unite or separate by their own desires. Its uncommon feature of their marriage custom makes this ancient and harmonious place more extraordinary.Lugu Lake mixed the scenery of both natural and cultural, especially the Mosuo minority has its own characteristic customs; that makes this mysterious lake to be the extremely rare World Cultural Heritage among China.

April, May, September and October are the best times to visit this region. The right of access to the lake is 80 Yuan (about 8 €). You will have the opportunity to go for rides in “pigs’ as well as horseback riding around the lake to admire the wooden cabins of the Mosuos. Near the village of Luoshui, you can visit the Museum of the Muso People, where you will discover very pretty pictures taken by Joseph Rock in the 1920s. In a nearby village of Yongning is a Tibetan monastery inhabited by twenty Lamas . From Lijiang, it takes at least 6 hours of narrow and bumpy road to reach the lake.

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