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Black Dragon Pool

A white oriental bridge in front of the Chinese pagoda by a lake with the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain as the background, this is the Black Dragon Pool in Lijiang. Water in the lake is so still that reflects the whole image from above upside down. There is a small single pavilion standing in the middle of the lake. With the perfect reflection from the water, the pavilion is looking like flowing on glass.

The Black Dragon Pool is like an ancient architecture museum. Some of the famous buildings were established suburbs have under protection actually collected from other places. People moved the traditional buildings that almost had been ruined here and let them be protected. Among them, the most famous buildings are the Villa Jietuolin of the King Mu and the Five Phoenixes Tower of the Fuguo Temple. Particularly, the Five Phoenixes Tower combines the typical Lamaism plane pattern and the exquisite wooden structure of the Naxi architecture. Both the frame and the technology are unprecedented. The building can rarely be found even in the world of Chinese architecture.

The Black Dragon Pool is quiet in the early morning with few local people playing cards or Chinese chess or just relaxing their lives there. Once in a while some local musicians play Chinese traditional music on the bandstand. Unfortunately there is also a CD stall nearby playing loud music with occasional western pop songs.

In the past, it was a good choice for people from Lijiang Old Town to go picnicking. They gave themselves a good reason for picnic when they came to thank the blessing of the God. They took all kinds of food, wine and their specially made hotpot here and gathered together to enjoy their lives.

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