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Songzanlin Monastery

Photos of Songzanlin Monastery

Songzanlin Overview

Songzanlin Monastery, or known as “Little Potala” according to its appearance, is a traditional Lama monastery located just 5 kilometres away from the Shangri La / Zhongdian Old town. It was built in 1679 and has been reconstructed several times as it is considered to be one of the most significant monasteries among Yunnan. Today, Songzanlin is the home for more or less 700 monks and Lamas for their monastic lives.

Inside the main complex, many historical Buddhist events are well-illustrated by three bronze statues and the colourful murals. They represent the Lord Buddha’s life, and the wheel of life that characterize the six realms of existence: heaven, demigods, humankind, hell, hungry ghosts and animals. However the centre of the wheels symbolizes the three harms of life – ignorance, hatred and greed.

Entry fee to the monastery: 75RMB per person + 15RMB per person for the shuttle.

It is possible to hike all around the monastery on a path formerly used by Tibetan pilgrims. Walk from 5 to 6h through Tibetan villages and meadows.

Accommodations: two beautiful addresses located in the immediate vicinity of the monastery: Songtsam Lodge and Songtsam Retreat.

Songzanlin virtual tour in 360 ° photos

Do a virtual discovery of the Shangri La Songzanlin Monastery below with 360-degree photos on the site.

Superb panorama in front of the monastery

Click on the arrow in the middle of the photo above and use the controls at the bottom of the photo to rotate the image 360 °.

Songzanlin Main Inner Courtyard

In front of an annex chapel of the monastery

Beautiful prayer hall in Songzanlin

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