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Haba Snow Mountain

Altitude of 5396 meters, Haba Snow Mountain covered with white all year round. It lies to the South east of Shangri La, contains one of the best natural reserves in Shangri-la. Inside the preserving area, above sea level of 3500 meters, it widely distributed numerous of cliffy iced-peaks, glaciers and highland iced-lakes. Heihai Lake is especially famous for composed of thawed cirques.

Haba Snow Mountain shelters rare animals like Yunnan golden monkeys, macaques, wild donkeys and so on. However, it also covers some uncommon plantations in particular 200 kinds of azaleas, which is known as 70% of all types’ azaleas among Yunnan. That makes the national biologists named here as “Mother of the world’s garden”.The best season to climb up Haba Snow Mountain is every November to December. It is reported during January to February, according to the influence of monsoon climate, it becomes windy than usual. Besides, it is noticeable the temperature difference between the peak and the foot can up to 23 °C.

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