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Napa Lake

Napa Lake Natural Reserve Area distances 5 kilometers away from Shangri La Old Town. It contains 2400 hectares and situated on the altitude of 3260 Meters, is a seasonal lake.In every summer, the accumulated snows from the surrounding mountains thaws then flows down into the Naqu river and naizi river that forms the immense Napa Lake.While the dry season comes, water in the lake subsides gradually, that makes the lake turn into an extensive marsh which is supposed to be the golden season for the grazing. Then during September, Napa Lake becomes the habitat for the migratory birds to spend their winter here, in particular the black-necked cranes are the most valuable. They are one of the twelve worldwide-rarest crane species and have listed to be the National Protected Animals.

Access: This area is located just 8 km north-west of Shangri La. Short bike ride from Shangri La, taking the airport road.

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