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Private Yi Minority Dance

Some pictures of Yi village show

Presentation of the Yi village show

We like to propose during our tours in Yunnan, a lunch followed by a little good-natured show, in a Yi village in the Yuanyang region. Discover below the comments of our travelers about this meeting that we propose in partnership with a local NGO, with the aim of a development of sustainable tourism in Yuanyang and in respect with the local populations.”A highlight of our stay was our visit to the Yi village, where a family prepared lunch for us, a simple and delicious meal, an opportunity to discover the local cuisine, and after lunch, the villagers presented us with a little show. songs and dances, this show was compromised because of a big storm the night before, there was no electricity, and it was not possible to have music to accompany the A mobile phone with recorded music has saved the performance.The few hours spent with the friendly and friendly villagers are unforgettable. Only regret, the language barrier has not allowed us to better exchange. This formula of homestay lunch is rarely offered by the agencies and our small family group has greatly appreciated.

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