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Niujiaozhai Market

Photos of Niujiaozhai

Niujiaozhai is an isolated village situated about 40 minutes by car from Yuanyang. The road to access from Yuanyang is extraordinary with the pretty rice fields which is ideal for a bicycle trip. To access to Niujiaozhai, it is necessary to follow the way to Panzhihua, and then turn right before arriving to the Laohuzui rice terrace fields for a small road taking to the Niujiaozhai village while crossing several other small villages.Besides the Niujiaozhai village, the local market there is also worth to have a visit. The Niujiaozhai market holds on every Tiger, Horse and Dog days. The market animates its village with all different colors, as much the traditional clothing from the Yi and Hani minority ladies who sell the fruits and vegetables in the market.

It is not surprise that probably you are the only tourists in the Niujiaozhai market, since it’s still an unknown area and not frequented yet to access there.

Market days in Niujiaozhai

Market holds every Tiger, Horse and Dog days. It is necessary to have a traditional Chinese calendar to match your days of visits in the Yuanyang area with the market day.

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