Kora Kawa Karpo & Meili (17 days)

Kawa Karpo, sacred mountain

Peak Kawa Karpo or Kawagebo, which rises to 6740m above sea level, is considered by Tibetans as a sacred mountain, and as such, every autumn, pilgrims from all over the Tibetan Kham country gather in the region of Deqin to hike (Kora) around Mount Kawa Karpo, and pray for their future and pay homage to the sacred mountain.
For many of them, this is the best trip of their lives; they believe that a circular hike around the Meili Mountains and the sacred Kawagebo Peak will bring them a peaceful and comfortable life, while 3 hikes will give them direct access to paradise after their death.

Tibetan trek and pilgrimage

This pilgrimage has a history of more than 600 years. The landscapes along the way are breathtaking, and the natural system is protected by UNESCO since 2003, being part of all 3 parallel rivers (Yangtze, Mekong, Salween).
From the Mekong, the hiking trail goes up to 4000m, then down to the valley of the river Salween (Nujiang) through several Tibetan villages, friendly and hospitable.

You will visit :

Presentation of the Kora Karpo & Meili Tour (17 days).
This tour will be adapted according to your possibilities, your desires, your budget and your available time for this trip in Yunnan.

Daily program: Kora Kawa Karpo & Meili (17 days)

Day 1: Shangri La - Deqin / Meili (3300m)

Road for about 6 hours, passing through Baima Mountains and a pass at 4200m, visiting the Donzunling Monastery. Night in a beautiful setting in front of the Meili Mountains.

Day 2: Walk to Yongjiu (2470m)

Sunrise over the Meili Mountains, then visit the Tibetan monastery Feilai Si. Then drive to the Mekong valley to the village of Yangzan (1960m). Start of the hike (3 hours walk) to the village of Lungdre (2470m). Camp near the village.

Day 3: Hike to Yongnan (2900m)

Trek 7 to 8 hours to Lungnak camp, passing Dongla pass at 3261m altitude.

Day 4: Hike to Manitong (3340m)

5 hour trek to Manitong. Passage of the mythical Dokhe Pass The formerly taken by the French explorer Alexandra David Néel at the beginning of the 20th century. Camp.

Day 5: Hike to Zishutong (3750m)

Walk for 7 to 8 hours to Tsasok-Thang (Zishutong). Climb first until the flight of DokheLa (4470m), then down to a high pasture. Camp.

Day 6: Hike to Qunatong (2560m)

Walk for 7 hours to Qunatong (or Chunathang), crossing Tranghce (3440m) then Lho Oesel from where the view of the summit Kawa Karpo is very beautiful. Camp.

Day 7: Hike to Aben village (2250m)

6 hours of walking today. Climb to Shingkang La pass (3690m), then 4 hours of descent to the Tibetan village of Aben. Homestay or camping.

Day 8: Hike to Quzhu (1750m)

4 hours hike today. First visit the village, before descending to the Nu river or Salween, to the site of hot springs of Chudrol. Rest at the site. Camp.

Day 9: Hike to Zinak (2650m)

Trekking for 6 to 7 hours to the Tibetan village of Zinak. Visit the village of Chawalong (1900m) on the way. Camp around the Mani temple.

Day 10: Hike to the village of Gebu (2400m)

Trekking for 6 to 7 hours to the Tibetan village of Gebu. Climb for 3 hours until the flight of Tangtoe La (3360m), then descent to the village of Radha located along the TsaYuQu River, a tributary of the Salween River. The village of Gebu is supposed to be in the middle of the outer Kora Road of Meili Mountains and Kawa Karpo.

Day 11: Hike to Dagula (3800m)

Hike for 7 hours. Ascent Thakor Chonyi (4100m), then descent to Dagula (3800m). Camp.

Day 12: Trek to the village of Ladho (3080m)

Walk for 7 to 8 hours to the village of Ladho village. 1 hour climb in the morning to the Gabtsa La pass, then down a difficult path to the temple of Gabtsa Chuka (2680m). Climb again to the village of Ladho. Nice little village in a beautiful natural site. Homestay or camping.

Day 13: Day of rest in Ladho (3080m)

Day of rest in the Tibetan village of Ladho. Visit of the village, the surroundings and rest.

Day 14: Trek to Mechok Pangang (4200m)

Walk for 6 hours through the highest pass of Shola (4815m). Great view of the Meili Mountains chain on the way, if the weather is clear. Night in camp.

Day 15: Trek to Chuzom (3460m)

Walk for 5 hours to Chuzom. 3 hours of climb to ShoLa flight, then 2 hours of descent to the pastures of Chuzom (3460m) through Duglun Thang (4250m). Camp.

Day 16: Trek to the village of Meilishi, road to Deqin

Walk for 6 to 7 hours to Meili Shi village at 2200m altitude. Reunion with the Mekong at Sachu Ka, then return to Deqin and your hotel located in front of the Meili Mountains. Hotel accommodation.

Day 17: Return to Shangri La (3300m)

Return road to Shangri La, stopping at a nunnery on the way. End of the tour and kora around Meili Mountain and Kawa Karpo.

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