Hidden Northern Yunnan

Mostly known for its capital, its vast plains as well as the rivers going through and the different minorities living there, Yunnan Province still keeps hidden so many unsuspected territories. Perched in the mountains, the villages and temples will be a real pleasure for the traveler’s eyes in quest of quietness and authentic experiences far away from the city rumble. Exploring the heights that very few foreigners go to, will be the occasion do discover the Yunnan under a different perspective. An ideal itinerary for those of you who live in the heart of the modern and effervescent China, looking for a quiet getaway far from the daily stress.

You will visit :

  • Dali, Yunnan
  • Donglinghua, Yunnan
  • Weishan, Yunnan
  • Weibaoshan, Yunnan
  • Nuodeng, Yunnan
  • Shibaoshan, Yunnan
  • Shaxi, Yunnan
  • Zhoucheng, Yunnan
  • Xizhou, Yunnan
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