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Shibaoshan Mountain

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- Review updated on 14 juin 2024

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Presentation of Shibaoshan Mountains

The Shibao Shan rock carvings are over 1300 years old and evidence of the spread of Mahayana Buddhism into Yunnan from Tibet. Representations of the bodhisattva Guanyin and other Buddhist images are carved into the rocky mountainside. Spend a day at the grottoes or just hike around the temples through the lush forest — perhaps you will be lucky enough to come across a group of monkeys.

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Access to Shibaoshan

Access to Shibaoshan Mountains is a 40-minute drive from Shaxi, or a 1.5-hour hike from Shaxi Village below. Note that the ascent is physical with many steps. We advise you, for the less sporty, to visit the site first with access by vehicle, then to go down quietly on foot, at your own pace, in a beautiful bucolic setting of pine forests with beautiful views of the sea. valley where the village of Shaxi is nestled. From Lijiang or Dali, it takes about 2h30 drive.

Entrance fee

The entry ticket is 45RMB per person, which must be added to 40RMB per person to use a shuttle to move within the site.

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