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Hotels in Dali

You will find below a selection of charming hostels and hotels in Dali and Shaxi with which we have been working for several years and we advise you for your next stay in Dali and Shaxi. Each of them of course has its own specificities, which we detail quickly below.Hotels in the old town of DaliIn Dali Old Town, you can stay in the heart of the Old City at the Fairy Land Inn. If the hotel is located in a quiet alley, Dali is an old town now relatively noisy, and some noise remains possible. For a little more tranquility but still in the heart of the old city, we recommend our last favorite, the Yunxi Boutique. Otherwise just outside of Dali in 5 to 10 minutes, we recommend first choice La Maison Suzanne bed and breakfast, otherwise the hotel Jim’s Tibetan.Hotels in XizhouFor even more tranquility, in the heart of a peaceful village and close to the surrounding countryside, we recommend the Linden Center, which remains our number 1 choice in the Dali region. The service is excellent, the hotel is located in a beautifully renovated former bay residence. This is also the case for the Sky Valley Boutique Hotel, which boasts superb family suites and is a good alternative to the Linden Center in Xizhou.Hotels in ShaxiIn Shaxi, we particularly liked 2 hotels: the Laomadian Inn is located in the heart of the old town of Shaxi, in an old caravanserai, while the Old Theater Inn is located more in the countryside, in a small lost village. For the latter, it is again a superb renovation, the hotel is located in an old traditional theater. As the Laomadian Inn closed in 2017, we now recommend the Aoding Courtyard Hotel, headed by Dahua, the former Laomadian manager.You can get in touch with us for a Yunnan tour including hotel nights, or book your hotel in Dali yourself via if it’s a simple hotel booking.

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