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Zhu Family Garden

Pictures of the Zhu family residence in Jianshui

Residence of the Zhu family in Jianshui

Zhu Family Garden, which was built in the combination of residence and ancestral shrine with ancient QING dynasty architectures, is now operating for both visiting and accommodation.The arrangement of Zhu Family Garden shows the elegance of the whole architectural complex. With the upturned eaves, the vivid paintings and exquisite carvings on the roof beams, also the structure of the courtyard, they all help reflecting how the Zhu Family’s life was in the past.Zhu Family has almost 100 years of history. In 1990, Government in Jianshui invested 1.8 million RMB for a fully maintenance. After then in October 1998, more than eight million were spent for fixing up the backyard.There are 28 guest rooms opened for accommodation, most of them are named base on the plants like “Plum Blossom”, “Orchid”, “Bamboo” and “chrysanthemum” etc. Furniture in the chambers are mainly made with wood that represent the designs in Qing dynasty style.

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