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Hotels in Lijiang

The hotels in Lijiang today are really numerous, whether in the old town of Lijiang and its immediate surroundings, as many villages in the Lijiang Valley as Shuhe, and to a lesser extent Baisha and Yuhu, not to mention the accommodations. possible in Wenhai and around Lashihai Lake. Unfortunately, quantity does not beat with quality, many hotels still simply meet the criteria of Chinese comfort, including a service only in Mandarin, the lack of breakfast to see only Chinese cuisine, and still too often, hygiene sometimes limit. Our selection of hotels below offers the best in Lijiang and around, they have of course been approved and tested by our team.

Hotels in Lijiang Old Town

Nearly historic Lijiang addresses, Zen Garden hotels remain a safe choice for your stay in Lijiang Old Town. The one on Wuyi Street is a bit older and simple, while the Zen Garden Lion Hill has a great location on Lion Hill overlooking the old city. We also strongly recommend Manty House, opened at the end of 2017, also located on the heights of the hill, offering a very beautiful evening view of the rooftops and illuminated alleys of the old town. Manty House has the advantage of being a stone’s throw from pedestrian paths that will allow you to quickly descend the hill that separates the old town from the new one, for a night stroll in the busy streets of the new Lijiang that vibrates, that emancipates, very popular with the city’s youth until late in the evening; ideal also to eat at low prices in an always jovial and dynamic atmosphere! New to this world of small traditional boutique hotels in Lijiang, the Green Village Inn is a great find in the heart of the old city, it is a great value. For a luxurious choice while staying in Lijiang Old Town, you can opt for the Lux Hotel, otherwise the Indigo Ancient Town Hotel, in our opinion the best choice in the 5 star category. Finally we use the Manxin Holiday Resort mainly for these large family suites.

Hotels in the Valley of Lijiang

For a little more peace and escape from the many tourists in Lijiang’s Old City on the way to “disneylandisation”, you can opt for a quieter stay in the Lijiang Valley. For a homestay, we recommend the small Yuhu Nguluko Guest House, owned by a friendly Naxi family in Yuhu Village. We particularly enjoy The Bivou Hotel, located in a quiet area of ​​Shuhe Old Town on the way. The always smiling team, the mix between modern architecture and Naxi in this renovated farmhouse, and the rooms with almost irreproachable comfort, make it one of our first choices in the region. In a category a little higher, and even more quiet but still close to Shuhe, the hotel Arro Khampa is a nice surprise. Recently opened, the services are up to the other hotel Arro Khampa opened a few years earlier in Shangri La. Finally for comfort and services even higher, especially for those of its famous spa, go for the Banyan Tree, located also close to the old town of Shuhe.You can contact us for a Yunnan tour including hotel nights, or book your hotel in Lijiang yourself via if it is a simple hotel reservation.

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