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Hotels Jianshui

You will find below a limited selection of hotels in Jianshui, which we recommend for your next stay. The Zhu family hotel remains our first choice in the region, a stay remains unforgettable in an old residence that has no equal elsewhere in Yunnan. Although the service is almost nonexistent, the hotel is owned by the government, and the rooms are quite small, the beautiful setting offsets all these defects. If you are looking for more comfort, we recommend the small Xiu Ju Xian Guesthouse Ting Guesthouse opened in 2016, located again in a beautiful old residence renovated with great taste by its owners. Lin An Inn is also charming in the heart of Jianshui Old Town.You can contact us for a tour in Yunnan including hotel nights, or book your hotel in Jianshui for yourself via if it is a simple hotel reservation.

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