Yuanyang Weather


When to travel to the rice terraces of Yuanyang?

The climate of Yuanyang, located in the mountains at 1800m altitude, bordering the Red River, is sometimes a real miracle for the eyes, sometimes a real ordeal.

Indeed, if the sky is clear, see with a little mist in borders of rice fields, the pictures on rice terraces of Yuanyang are magical. On the contrary, if the weather is rainy and foggy, the view of the rice fields is obstructed, there is nothing left to do but wait patiently, or visit the villages and beautiful Hi and Hani markets in the Yuanyang area.

In general, however, winters are cold (2 to 5 degrees average in daytime), while summers are hot and rainy (27-32 degrees).

The best seasons to visit the area are spring and fall, when it is not raining and the temperatures are mild. The rice fields are also at this period (from November to April) filled with water.

The weather in the rest of Yunnan

Découvrez ci-dessous de façon détaillée la météo, le climat, et les périodes les plus favorables pour voyager dans les autres destinations principales du Yunnan.

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