Kunming Weather


When to travel to Kunming?

Kunming, city of eternal spring, enjoys a moderate climate and weather throughout the year, hence its excellent reputation throughout China, which continues to attract urban disillusioned with the pollution of villages in the east, in search of a more favorable living environment.

In winter, the temperatures are less cold than in the rest of China (8 to 10 degrees during the day in December and January) and it does not rain. Winter evenings are sometimes very cold. In summer, it’s hot (but less than in the rest of China) but it’s raining. The rainy season lasts 3 months, from June to September, alternating with beautiful sunny days.

The spring and autumn are very pleasant: it does not rain, or very rarely, and the temperatures are mild (around 20 degrees during the day). Thanks to this mild and temperate spring and autumn weather, these are the best two seasons to travel to Kunming, also in the rest of Yunnan.

Temperature and rainfall in Kunming

The weather in the rest of Yunnan

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