Photos of Yunti hotel in Yuanyang

Presentation of Yunti HotelYunti Hotel is still the only truly acceptable choice of any hotel in Yuanyang Old Town. With a 3 star standard, the hotel Yunti is a decent hotel, nothing more, although a renovation in 2013 makes its rooms comfortable again. Service almost nonexistent. Soviet restaurant still serving good food.Clearly, we prefer the small hostels that are located in the village of Duoyishu, located 30min further in the Yuanyang area, such as Jacky’s Guest House, Timeless Hostel or the Flowers Residence.We create tailor-made tours in Yunnan with, as minimum services, the booking of all transport (car + train / plane) and accommodation. If you would like to make a reservation for Yunti Hotel in Yuanyang only, we suggest you do it on by clicking on this link: Booking Yunti Hotel.Yunti Location in Yuanyang
Yuanyang Yunti Hotel

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