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The Minorities in Yunnan, China
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Man and PaulAfter many years working for a local Chinese travel agency in Yunnan, we (Paul and Man) decided to set up our own structure in the aim to provide authentic and unique tours to Yunnan.

We privilege the tour quality and its flexibility due to our company size which enable us to made-to-measure all our tours to Yunnan. Most local Chinese agencies in Yunnan see tourism as a traditional industry and don’t really know the travel needs of Westerners travelers; we believe that at Yunnan Roads we can really customize each of our trips according to our clients’ budget, schedule and interests.

We design tours in Yunnan but also in other Chinese provinces and Tibet, according to our knowledge of China for many years and our network of reliable partners throughout China. The unique elements we put in our trips are not only comfort, personalized service, flexibility, understanding of Western travelers’ interests and professional guides all over China, but also many tour details that make our difference with the other local agencies based in Yunnan and China.

Yunnan Roads design classic tours for groups from 2 to 20 persons, as well as trekking and adventure tours in Yunnan, Tibet and the rest of China.

We are both expatriates based in Kunming, Yunnan, China. We are working under the Chinese license of Yunshan Travel Agency based in Lijiang.

Man Wai TANG and Paul LE GUYADER

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The Minorities in Yunnan, China


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Travel in Yunnan
Travel in Yunnan
Travel in Yunnan
Travel in Yunnan
Travel in Yunnan
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