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Hotel in Xishuangbanna - Yourantai
Yourantai - Dai Guest House
Dai guest house is a fully equipped wooden cottage, “sandwiched” between an exuberant flower garden and our incipient forest, ideal for family of 2-3 persons.
Yourantai - Dai Guest House
From the window of this cottage, you can see only luxuriant green. Constructed in hard wood and pine, this cottage has high pointed ceiling and wooden floor, with old Dai-style wooden stairs to connect with the lower floor. It is also decorated with Dai textiles and furnished with rattan furniture and a ceiling fan.
Dai Cottage has its own living area, kitchen, sun deck and open terrace.
Yourantai - Dai Guest House Yourantai - Dai Guest House
The kitchen, terrace and private bathroom are located on the lower floor of the cottage. The terrace is a secluded area perfect for reading, contemplating and taking a nap. The bedroom is not only functional, but also charming with a glance into tropical wilderness.
The Dai Guest House is equipped with:

- 2-story wooden house
- Bathroom with shower and a corner of tropical garden
- 24-hour hot water
- Private living area, kitchen and sundeck
- Internet connection
- Big wooden ‘kang’ with choice of one king-size bed or two single beds
- Tent-like mosquito net
- An additional cot is available

Hotel in Xishuangbanna - Yourantai
Staying in Yourantai resort benefits:
- Breakfast of your choice
- Platter of seasonal fruits / appetizer from their own bakery
- All the mineral water, soft drink and beer you need during your stay
Hotel in Xishuangbanna - Yourantai High season includes September 30 to October 10, December 15 to February 28 and April 1 to May 10.

Hotel in Xishuangbanna - Yourantai
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Yourantai - Dai Guest House

Hotel in Xishuangbanna - Yourantai
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