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Lijiang Flights
Vols Avion Lijiang Kunming - Lijiang, 15 direct flights per day, 870 RMB
Vols Avion LijiangJinghong - Lijiang , 3 direct flights per day, 1040 RMB
Vols Avion Lijiang Beijing - Lijiang, 1 flights per day, with stopover, 2130 RMB
Vols Avion Lijiang Shanghai - Lijiang, 3 flights per day, with stopover, 2630 RMB
Vols Avion Lijiang Guangzhou - Lijiang, 2 flights per day, with stopover, 1990 RMB
Vols Avion Lijiang Shenzhen - Lijiang, 1 direct flight per day (morning), 1830 RMB
Vols Avion Lijiang Chengdu - Lijiang, 4 direct flights per day, 1010 RMB
Note: 1 USD = 6.78 RMB. All flight possibilities are updated in Dec. 2008


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