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Huangshan Yellow Mountain (4 days)
Shanghai - Tunxi, Huangshan, Tunxi
Of all the notable mountains in China, Mount Huangshan, to be found in the south of Anhui province, is probably the most famous. Originally known as Mt. Yishan it was renamed Mt. Huangshan in 747 AD in recognition of the legendary Huang Di, who was the reputed ancestor of the Chinese people and who made magic pills for immortality here.
Day 1: Tunxi
Take night flight to Tunxi, it is at the foot of Mt Huangshan which is located in the south of Anhui province. Overnight at hotel.
Day 2: Tunxi / Huangshan

Drive to Mt.Huangshan(yellow mountain)can boast not only of its magnificence but also its abundant resources and great variety of zoological species, for which it has been listed as a World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site. Then up the mountain by the cable car at Yungu.

Visit Shixin Peak, Cloud-dispelling Pavilion, Flying-over Rock and Bright Summit.

Day 3: Huangshan / Tunxi
Watch the sunrise in the early morning, then down to the mountain by the cable car. Continue to go to Yixian, visit the Hongcun village and Nanping village where the different films were produced.
The original residential style and features of the Ming and Qing Dynasties were preserved perfectly. Reputed as A Living Ancient Residential Museum by experts and tourists at home and from abroad, they were listed as a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO in 2000.Return to Tunxi, visit Tunxi Ancient Street and the most famous Ink Factory.
Day 4: Tunxi
Depart from Tunxi and take flight to your next destination.

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Huangshan Yellow Mountain (4 days) ", contact us at

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